Why? - 2/27/2002

I love you with my whole heart and soul, not that you know.
And you think I don't wonder why?
You think I don't question my own heart?
Every day I wonder why.
And here is what I have come up with.
I love your smile, that can light up my day no matter what.
I love the way you never left your first childhood.
I love your laugh, contagious beyond belief.
I love the fact you ask me what's wrong, the fact that you care.
I love your humor; jokes that make me laugh.
I love how you are like sugar, sweetening up anything.
Everything about you is beautiful because I love you.
And now you're saying, "Silly girl. You're still young. It's just a crush."
But I know what you mean to me, I know my own heart.
So don't tell me about something you don't know,
Don't tell me it will pass.
Please give me a show you my love.
When is it my chance to shine?
When do I get my wishes to come true?
Why am I doomed to love without it being returned?
I have answered you...
Now you must reply to my question...

AN:I really dont like writing just read it.