Voices - 1/2/2002

The voices in my head,
They don't let me alone.
They constantly tell me what I do wrong,
Laugh when I fall, they always watch me.
Sometimes they help,
They give me the answers when I don't know what to do.
They give me ideas for things to write.
But that's not all the time.
When I want to sleep,
To block out the day,
They wake up and begin their endless torment.
I can't get ride of them,
I don't have a choice.
I try to block them out to no avail.
I put them there, I guess.
In my thirst to not be alone,
To have someone to have with me always.
But they never worked, so I made new ones.
And they built up till I can't concentrate anymore,
Their voices cloud my own thoughts.
I can't do anything but what they tell me to.
But sometimes they just stop and I can't think still.
All I know is what they tell me,
I am alone and afraid.
So I let them back.
The voices in my head,
They don't let me alone,
And I have only myself to blame.

AN:Why won't the voices leave me alone?