The Wall - 11/7/2001

I build a wall around myself
To protect from hurt and pain
You do not realize its there but to some its plain to see.
I keep my mouth closed, I don't breath a word
I keep my feelings locked away.
No one must know I'm hurting, no one must know I feel.
I say nothing and listen to others problems, try to comfort them.
I'm not supposed to have problems, not supposed to have pain.
I am the one who is there to solve your problems.
I am perfect, I have no feelings, lay all your sorrows on me.
Sometimes I wish that there was someone out there
Who would ask me "what's wrong?" "Is there anything the matter?"
But on the wall that I have built, of silence and distrust, there is an
A gate to the me I hide from you all.
I keep it locked and throw away the key.
Someday there will be a person who see's the wall.
They will find the key, unlock the gate, and see me.
But it won't be you, so I just keep the gate locked and keep writing these
verses and keep silent.