Rain - 9/19/2001

Rain falls round me filling up space.
I feel as if I am drowning in myself.
Can't breath, can't see I feel the weight
pound down on and around me.
Suffocating on the feelings, suffocating in the rain.
I try to gain my footing, to pull myself free.
But I slip and fall, the rain to much for me.
No matter my will, no matter the way I can
never escape the rain.

AN: Written when i was getting relativly frustrated with my life...

Artist Profile (written when the poem was written):I am a 15 female the oldest in my family of 6. I go to a charter school called River Valley high, which I love to death. I like to thank my family for letting me do this. Mom, Dad, Jacob(11), Jeremiah(7), Jenna(9 months). I like to draw, and write. Other then poetry I enjoy writing fiction. To me writing poetry is a way to vent my feelings and a way to describe experiences. It's also just fun! Thanks also to all my friends who said my poetry was good.