My Eyes See Death - 2004

It seems a dark film
Has covered my eyes
And night seeps on.

Left behind again
A swirl of life surrounds
As I stand still amidst

Drink up sweet elixir
From dips between ribs
Devoir once my dreams

Looking like a lake of glass
But underneath the current runs
Screaming where you can't see

Eyelids heavy with sleep
And hate and love
Burn behind in sockets

I'm a cabbage
With leaves you pull off
Eat, and I re-grow again

Like a cigarette
It burns my lungs to breath
You in, and yet I can't stop

My drug
My pill of sanity and of
Hope, I need like a salt lick

I want to be faithful
To the death no matter
What, like a stupid animal

The dark film is sucking the
Light from the pictures
Like a disease, my eyes see death.