Morphine - 5/9/2005

I was once your charm
Your sweet gift
To show to all your friends
Now what am I?
A razor blade that forever
Will be embedded in your wrist?
Am I like a flu that you
can’t rid yourself of fully?
I’ll always be there
Nagging in the back of your head
Biting at your spinal cord
You need me
Admit it
Even though I no longer need you
You need me so badly
You can hardly live without me
You can’t stand on your own
You are weak
Find yourself a new crutch
Because now I’m the broken limb

Bring yourself to my level
Come wallow in the dirt with me
I don’t need anyone.
I am the vaccine.
I’m the one
They rush to for help
To heal them
Of their troubles
Or their doubts
I’m a fucking ANGEL to them.
Like morphine.