Dig your nails into my flesh
to try and bring me back down.
I'm off tonight,
smiles aren't free in this town.
The moon drags at my bones
pulling me towards the ocean
salty tears that form my home.
Try to peel back
to see what lies
hidden behind my eyelids
right beneath my mind.

I'll breath in toxins
to calm my racing pulse.
Beating from my chest,
searching for it's heart match.
I'll fail you in the end.
Your eyes betray you know
while you mouth out "I love you";
you don't.
Preying off my naivety
chew down just enough to bleed.
Yeah, you know,
out into the night.

I'd do you for afters,
breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.
Because in the end you'll notice
and that's exactly it, just desert,
abandon, leave.

Crawling down and curling up.
I'm trying not to take up too much space
so you'll have the room
to let your particles vibrate
In that one moment
when I reach equilibrium
and hate stops coming back to me in 2's and 3's
I'll be able to breath,
just a little,
across the space between you and me
for afters, nows, laters, thens and