Missing - 11/25/2003

If I was missing from you
Would you notice?
If I left, taking my heart with me
Would you feel the empty space?
Have you noticed
I've long since stopped breathing?
Have you felt
How my skin is always cold?
When you roll over
And all that left is the imprint in the sheets
The water is on in the shower
But no one appears to be home.
You pick up the phone
But it never really rang
You whisper into my ear
Have you noticed I don't respond?
Did you think
I was your doll to throw around?
Did you break your toy?
Don't try and fix me, I'm not broken.
When I carved
"I love you" in the grain
Did you even notice?
Did you see my pain?
Pick up and say "Hello?"
Write your checks and bills.
This is your mind, Hello?
Have you noticed I'm no longer sleeping?

AN:If I was missing from you would you notice?