Man's Path - 12/25/01

Tears stream down my face
from heaven's grace.
I lie in man's path
Broken, battered, and bruised.
Why have you left me?
What did I do to you?
You leave me in the swallows to live with the pigs.
You send me to live the life of a human and to die the death of a human.
This path though is mine alone
For me to travel alone.
Decided from the time when time began.
That great eternal clock
Ever ticking, ever pressing on.
So the ticking pushes man down his rocky path
To the destiny that awaits him in the end.
The destiny that awaits me now too.
To walk mans path, ever twisting ever painful
Until the day the path stops and I die.

AN: This is sort of about people in general, or maybe about Christ. I'm not sure.