Life - 9/19/2001

You came into this world. Our little bundle of joy. Mother cried,father cried, tears of joy. The happiest moment, at that time, in our lives. So small, so delicate. Afraid to hold you to tight that we would crush you, afraid to hold you to loose and let you slip through our arms. We thought not of you growing but only as our child, our child.

The months went by faster then fine sand on a windy day. Before we knew it you had rolled over, crawled, stood, cut teeth, said your first words, and started walking. Your hair was getting so long on your first birthday. A Sesame Street theme. You blew out your single candle with our help. Relatives snapped photos of your big day. Although you where one you were still our little girl.

The years went by faster then they ever had before. You went from 1 to 5 in the blink of an eye. You weren't little any more. Diapers to under wear, Gerber to Burger King, and teething rings to Barbie dolls. School - the dreaded "S" word. I would have to trust my little baby to strangers, to trust her mind with the system. The first day we drove you we walked you in and found your class. Before letting you free into the world we both gave you a big hug and a kiss and then you were gone. Mother cried into fathers shoulder before we left. Our little girl was growing up.

From kindergarten the years went quick. The little baby we had held moments after birth was now 15. High school, for us, was far worse then kindergarten. Barbie to Rob Zombie, pink frilly dresses to hip hugger jeans. The changes frightening yet expected. Friends, homework, soccer practice, babysitting, and boyfriends took away from the time you used to spend with us. When you did have time it was for mother, father not playing a major role anymore.

The four years of high school where rushed and soon it was the big day, graduation. You went up to the microphone shining in your robes. "I'd like to thank all my friends and family, but most of all my parents. Without them I could have never made it this far." Those words still echo in our heads. Collage lay ahead of you, the only thing that stood between you and your dreams.

Another four years go by and we have another graduation. Black robes flow. "Thank you to my friends, my fiancé, and my parents. They helped me through the good and the bad and I owe it all to them." More words that will never be forgotten, even in age. Our little girl fulfilling her dreams, the only thing we could hope for. Still the shock remains from the announcement of her engagement.

"You may now kiss the bride." Tears cloud over aging eyes, as he lifts up your lacey white veil and leans in, placing a tender kiss on your lips. You had changed your name and was his now. You were so beautiful in your long flowing dress, face aglow with happiness and excitement. Bridal reception, then run off for a happy honeymoon.

A baby's cry breaks through the night. We are grand parents! "It's a girl!" The doctor says, holding her up into the light. The father comes and cuts the umbilical cord off and then the new being is whisked away to be further taken care of so that it will be healthy for its journey. You hold her close to you feeling the warmth of a body you created. Tears run down your face so happy to finally see your daughter. Then the daddy gets to hold her. Next it's our turn. She reminds me so much of you.

Age takes over. Skin wrinkles, hair grays, bones weaken. We lay side by side in hospital beds. You enter the room with our grand-daughter and son-in-law. She comes and gives each of us a kiss on the cheek and receives a kiss in return. You come over and hug us. Our breath slows and turns to shallow gasps. With the last of my you help your father to mothers bed, and he lays next to her. "I'm ready," mother says, holding your hand tightly. Our grandchild stands back with her father, as the nurse unhooks us from the machines that kept us both alive. Slowly we reach our last breaths. "Everyday we breath," father says and takes his last breath. "But you made the reason to continue." Mother said. We died together, our dream complete.

AN: I wrote this for my mom a long time ago. I'm not sure if its a poem or not, but here it is...