Last Make-believe - 5/14/2003

Laying in your arms,
Under the ugly stars
Cast healing charms upon me
Run your fingers o'er my scars
Make a trillion wishes
For all the hearts in the world
Upon the sea of anguish
Our many prayers were hurled
Make our memories count
In this long expanse of time
For the things we've done we will account
Accept all of our crimes
But in the end
I'm left alone in the dark
Left by myself to fend
The vultures from my bleeding heart
Metal in hand
Water fills my eyes and head
This end wasn't in the plan
My blood is made of lead
Break down the final wall
One last scream into the air
my thoughts decorate the wall
And I give off my last prayer
Laying in a blanket of dirt
Under the ugly sky
Your healing charms they didn't work
And now I've lost my chance to try

AN: I drempt of the perfect day...