Causing Earthquakes - 5/31/2005

I know the stars are up there
but this roof restricts my view
and off in the distance
the mountains stand around
like ghosts in the fog
holding me here.
There is no moon tonight
so my eyes will walk down
these tracks, and my feet will lead
me away from this flesh.
The tones are making me vibrate
and it causes me to long for change.
In my brain you've formed clusters
like centers of webs that all connect
so every thought I have
leads back to you.
Every note leads back to you;
every scent and feeling.
So I'm always crying
Wishing I could get those ghost mountains to move,
wishing you were more than mist
and I could move you too.
Move your mind to stay with me.
You're embedded in my cells
and even if they change
you're part of the new code.
But you're all these earthy things
that move as they please
and slow,
and always in the same direction.
And I'm just flesh
and can't hold on
so you'd drift away
crash away causing earthquakes.
And I'm trapped in this flesh
to stay alone.
Without the stars,
without you.