Black Wings - 10/14/2001

Left alone, I lie in the dark.
of wings, I feel his presence.
I keep my eyes closed, lying on my stomach.
Forbidden sight to see the owner of the wings.
A cold hand slides over my face, down my neck, and over my left shoulder.
Involuntary shivers run down my spine.
Sweet soft breath on the back of my neck followed by a feather light kiss.
A finger follows the path of my spine up and down my back.
Soon feathery kisses follow the path of the finger
Feathers brush against my face.
I can't stand it; I must look at the face of the stranger.
I roll over and open my eyes.
I look into the beautiful face, so like an angel's.
Black wings flutter and for a second I am not alone.
Then I am gone
Like all those who could not dance with Black Wings without looking him in
the face.

AN:Have you ever danced, with an angel with black wings?