Alone Again - Jun 20, 2003

Alone again, lost, frightened.
No you're not.
People surround you, pushing you, shoving you
You aren't really there.
You stand in the crowd, the people see you, they don't respond.
Where are you?
You feel suffocated, drowning, falling.
But you aren't.
You can't stand it anymore, and you run; away from the people.
You aren't moving.
You open your mouth to scream.
You aren't making a sound.
You crouch close to the ground hugging your knees.
You are still standing.
Tears begin to streak your cheeks, hitting the pavement.
What tears? What pavement?
Rain pours down soaking your clothes; you begin to shiver.
You're not wet, you aren't shivering.
You feel yourself leaving your body.
You are still alive.
You ignore the voices and leave to another world, a seemingly better place.
But it's not a better place.
You are alone again, lost, and frightened.

AN: This was one of the first poems I've ever written. Influenced by it being late and me being brooding...