Afterthoughts - 10/24/01

What are these things that storm round in my head?
Should I have done what I did?
Thinking about this in the dark it seems idiotic and foolhardy.
I wasn't thinking; my head wasn't functioning right
And now I wish I had known.
Don't cross bridges and light them aflame.
For once you do they can't be crossed again.
You are left on the other side for eternity wishing you had not.
So I lay in my bed pondering all I did wrong.
So much that I cannot change.
If only I had thought before I acted.
I would be better off today.
I was reckless and didn't know better.
Please let me mend my wrongs.
But you can't change the past.
So now my afterthoughts haunt me till I fall asleep at last.

AN:Have you ever wondered what could have happened if you would have thought about your actions before hand?