A Few Words - 5/9/2005

A few words:
There seems to be a rule of thumb
A thick thumb-
at least big enough to beat your wife
That engraves words to heart
And instills them in your voice
A rule, that, for all its obedience
Isn't really very to much clear

As for this poem,
I guess it's a failure
But even past this computer screen
Where I see my words clacking to life
I watch a vague notion
That drifts between the letters,
With a wavering sense of purpose.
Because I want to tell you something
And by you, I mean me,
Because I'm the only one listening
And what I want myself to know
Is right here, dancing between these stanzas.

If I told myself home is where the heart is
Would I really ever listen?
To something such as that,
Such an obvious realization
That I really can't ever understand.

And if I told you (and by you I mean me)
That this life you lead is beautiful
Just because your there
Would you take to mind,
Such a painfully dull epiphany?